How to Lose Arm Fat Fast for Females

How to Lose Arm Fat Fast for Females

A great deal of changes to diet and fitness training activity is what it takes to lose that flabby and jiggling arm. Instead, you will gradually see the excess fat in the arms lost and your bicep and tricep muscles well-toned. It is neither just a change in diet nor exercise that is required. Both need to work hand in hand to help reduce fat in your arms.

Seeing how women are more likely to need to reduce the amount of fat in their arms because of how their body works, this article is specially written to address this need for women who want to put an end to arm fat. However, it will offer enough information to help concerned men as well. Both men and women can make the most of this Caratello weight loss article.

Exercises that Help You Lose Fat in that Flabby Arm

It is not only about exercise as stressed above. However, exercise is an important step, and perhaps the most important if you will lose arm fat. In the spirit of doing the right exercises to lose fat in your arms, here are some of the best fitness training programs that we recommend for their effectiveness:

Exercises that Help You Lose Fat in that Flabby Arm

Push Ups

Many people know about the push-up workout, but fewer people know that there are various variations. More shocking is how even many people who know that there are various variations do not know that they work various parts of the upper body.

In other words, some push-up types are more effective at getting rid of arm fat than others. For example, the kind that requires your hands positioned wide apart, is more effective when you want to tone the muscles in your chest rather than reducing fat in your arms.

On the contrary, the narrow one is one of the best for people who want to lose arm fat. This is considering how it will focus on helping you arrive at well-toned triceps and biceps. Below is a step-step-step guide to help you do this type of push-up properly:

  • Start by lying face-down on the floor
  • Move to the workout position – You can either get to this position using the plank style or move straight up to this position. Either way, all of your body weight will now be rested on your hands and your feet.
  • Do the Workout – The tip of your fingers should be facing forward, as your hands are straight down at shoulder level. So, you might want to check how your hands align with your shoulders. Lower your body down towards the floor, as your elbows point backward at the side of your stomach. After you get down, lift your body again to the former position. It is best to hold still in both positions before moving to the next

You should do between 10 – 25 reps of this exercise, rest, and then repeat the entire reps between 2 – 5 times. Mind you, this exercise would do its bit in helping your core, and some other parts of your upper body as well. So, you may want to keep repeating it every day.

Triceps Dips

First, you need a sturdy-built chair for this exercise. To do the triceps dips, here are the steps:

  • Start by sitting down and having your hands by the side of your buttocks and firmly rooted on the chair
  • Push your hands towards the edge of the chair. Do it in such a way that only the part of your hands that are close to your wrist is on the chair
  • Still holding the chair with your hands, lift your butt from the chair and bend it towards the ground
  • Drag your feet backward in a way that your knees are closer to your belly
  • Lift your body back up and bend down intermittently. It is best to hold still in both positions before moving to the next

The good thing about both exercises is that you do not need weights or fancy equipment. You can do them almost anywhere and have them tone every muscle in your flabby hands.

As we did mention earlier, diet is also essential and so you should avoid or reduce carbonated drinks and drink lots of water instead. Also, increase your protein intake because protein helps with muscle building. By and large, make sure to reduce your intake of calories but eat a healthy diet all the same.

A calorie calculator can come in very handy in helping you keep track. Also, digital aids like the DoFasting App can be engaged. You may want to read DoFasting reviews to learn more about it.

Caratello is committed to your being in perfect health and wellness. You can read other posts on the Caratello weight loss category. For example, you can discover how to lose weight on your face.

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