How to Slow Down Metabolism to Lose or Gain Weight

How to Slow Down Metabolism to Lose or Gain Weight

Some medical concepts seem hard to comprehend and metabolism is one such for some people. But thank goodness for platforms like Caratello that explain them in an easy-to-understand way. Well, let’s start by saying that metabolism is a major; perhaps the greatest deciding factor in your weight features. A person’s metabolic state can also determine the health state of the person.

Metabolism and Physical Appearance

The impact of nutrition on metabolism is one of the reasons you should pay more attention to your diet. Your physical appearance (in terms of weight) is closely linked to metabolism. Your body converts the nutrients in the foods that you eat after it gets to burn them.

Metabolism is how your body gets to burn the calories in every food that you eat and use it to support growth, waste removal, energy supply, and some other essential things needed for day-to-day activity.

A slow metabolic rate is good news for people who want to gain weight. This is because the body can easily achieve a calorie surplus when the body’s metabolic rate is slow. This means that the body does not burn calories too fast.

As a result, the leftover calories end up as excess fat; which contributes to weight gain. So, slow metabolism will likely translate to weight gain. Conversely, people who want to lose weight need the opposite. They have to increase their metabolic rate. Such individuals will be able to lose weight in the face and other parts of their bodies this way.

Slowing Down Metabolism for Weight Gain

Slowing Down Metabolism for Weight Gain

Just as you have people trying to lose so much weight, some are trying to gain more. To this end, you can change – boost, or slow your body’s metabolic rate to help achieve your weight goal. But before you get right to implementing these tips for slowing down your body’s metabolic rate, it would help to be certain that your weight loss challenge is not tied to a health problem.

You may have to visit a clinic and see the pertinent health professional to confirm that you are fine. If you are certain there is no health problem linked to your weight loss concern, here are some healthy tips for slowing down body metabolism for weight gain:

Sleep Well

Our team did read a reliable report about how sleep and metabolism are closely connected. For instance, metabolic pace reduces by as much as 15 percent at some point while you are resting. So, you need to increase the amount of time you dedicate to sleep.

Tone Down Your Exercise and Physical Activity

To a great extent, exercise has what it takes to keep your body in a healthy state. So, you should keep up with exercise, considering its health benefits. Be that as it may, you need to reduce the intensity of what you do during exercise. This may require stopping high-intensity training and resorting to mild to moderate-intensity training. You will also have to reduce the amount of time you dedicate to exercise.

Eat Well

Food intake is closely linked to metabolism as stressed above. It is the properties of the meals that you take that are converted through metabolism in the first place. Diet is the most important factor in either speeding up or slowing down your body’s metabolic rate. In the spirit of eating to slow down your metabolism, here are a couple of things to do:

  • Increase your intake of food – Increase your portion and add food classes than you normally would
  • Try eating at night, especially if it does not cause stomach upset
  • Eat meals that have high amounts of calories – Fat and carbs are high on the list here
  • Eat protein for improved muscle mass
  • Try healthy supplements that boost your appetite

Caratello is committed to your being in perfect health and wellness. You can read other posts on the Caratello weight loss category.

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