How to Lose Weight in Your Face

How to Lose Weight in Your Face

Losing weight on your face is possible. That excess fat that makes your face look puffy can go down. This is as long as you pay attention to certain tips shared here. These tips will be discussed in this article in the weight loss section of the Caratello platform. So, read on to know and take advantage of these facial weight loss tips.

Proven Tips to Help Make Your Puffy Face Slimmer

Based on our study, stats showing how many people are aware of how to lose fat in their face is not encouraging. Well, fat loss in this part of the body is possible, and here are some proven and healthy ways to go about facial fat loss:


There are facial exercises. They are quite simple but effective at helping people lose weight in their face. This is as long as it is done consistently. So, make sure to do these facial weight loss exercises several times every day. The good thing about these exercises is how you can do them while engaging in other activities. Some of these facial exercises that help reduce fat in your face include:

  • The Screaming exercise – As opposed to what you might be thinking, it does not require screaming. You only have to open your mouth as wide as someone screaming or yelling. You would have to do this for several seconds at a stretch
  • The “O & X” exercise – You just have to say the words “x” and “o” intermittently. Try stretching as much as possible while doing this. For example, you should slightly feel something in your cheeks when saying “X”. Conversely, you should slightly feel something in your chin when saying “O”
  • Air Switch – It requires filling your mouth with as much air as possible. The next thing would be switching the air from one end to another end of your cheeks

These exercises will help influence the muscles in your face. So, do them to work every muscle in your face. Other than this, you need to commit to general body exercise. This is because spot weight loss is only slightly effective.

So, burn lots of calories and tackle weight gain with general body exercise. Many cardio exercises will do you a lot of good for this purpose.

Be Intentional with Your Diet

One of the steps to get rid of excess fat in your face is to watch what you eat. This is one of the right lifestyle decisions to make as your intake of calories should be reasonable. On that note, some of the ways to go about this include:

  • Drinking more water – Water can give the feeling of satisfaction despite containing zero calories. It also keeps the body hydrated. Some health products are even created for this purpose. You can read a review of Liquid IV for a better understanding
  • No or Less Alcohol – If you can, stay away from alcohol as it can contribute to facial weight gain
  • More Fiber – You should be eating more foods that are high in fiber. This is rather than intake of lots of high-carb and high-fat foods

These are some of the tips that should inform your diet. Adhering to these tips will contribute to facial weight loss.


Getting enough rest is best for health reasons. But as regards facial weight loss, it also helps as well. So, do not cheat nature. Sleep well!

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