How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month?

How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month?

In the business of losing weight and body fat, we have realized that there are a lot of extremes and dangerous ones at that. So, people can lose a great deal of weight and body fat in a month. However, the more ideal question is how much body weight can be lost in a month in an ideal manner.

How Much Weight Can You Safely Lose in a Month?

As far as we are concerned on the weight loss section of the Caratello platform, the answer is between 1 – 2 percent of your entire body weight. The higher your ratings on the weight scale, the more your chances of losing lots of weight healthily.

For example, let’s imagine a person that weighs 220 pounds. That person has a significant body weight compared to a 110-pound person. The 110-pound person does not weigh so much and he/she should not plan on losing any more than 11 pounds in a month.

That is 1 percent of his/her entire body weight. The former who weighs 220 pounds has quite a lot of body fat. That person can lose as much as 2 percent of his/her entire body weight in a month. That would amount to 44 pounds in a month.

However, achieving this feat within this time is not a stroll in the park. It is hard, but a possibility. For a start, it has to happen in a manner that will not threaten the health of the person on this weight loss program.

To go about such a weight loss plan in a healthy way, there are certain things to be done. We are going to discuss that in the next part of this article, so read on to stay informed.

How to Lose Between 1 – 2 Percent of Your Entire Body Weight in a Month

Cut Down Your Intake of Calories

The foods that we eat contain calories. Consuming an excess amount of calories would translate to extra body fat. This is how many people gain extra body fat and weight in the first place.

This is especially for those with a slower metabolism. The reason is that how your body gets to burn calories is down to metabolism.

So, you will have to watch what you will be eating every day. It will help to make sure your diet consists of low-calorie but healthy foods. As it concerns weight loss nutrition, some things to do include:

  • Drinking enough water – Water can give the feeling of satisfaction despite containing zero calories. It will also keep the body hydrated. Some health products are even created for this purpose. You can read a review of Liquid IV for a better understanding
  • Prioritize Whole Food rather than processed foods – A lot of things that increase calorie intake are usually added to processed foods. So, you should prioritize whole-food options
  • Fewer Carbs, Less Fat, and More Protein – Every class of food plays an important role. For instance, carbs supply lots of energy. However, lots of carbs and high-fat foods will increase your intake of calories. So, it is best to make sure every meal you take is high in protein instead. It is also because protein is good for building and developing muscle mass

These tips work and you should be practical with them.


In the spirit of ensuring people achieve their goals of losing weight, some products have been developed. You might want to use a good one. Just make sure it ticks all the right boxes. For example, there are keto weight loss supplements.

Keto Maxx is a good example. Keto Maxx reviews are available on our platform for you. But mind you, the best way to lose weight is not only to rely on such supplements. You have to watch what you eat, get enough exercise, and sleep as well.


One good thing about exercise is that it will help burn calories. But more than this, it will keep you fit by building your muscle mass. However, this is as long as you are consistent with your workout routine every day or week. Just make sure to engage in fitness training programs that help you burn and build your muscle mass.

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