Alpha Brain Review – It Is a Top-Quality Nootropic Supplement?

Alpha Brain Review: It Is a Top-Quality Nootropic Supplement?

Brain fog, lack of concentration and drive, and low productivity are issues that many people have to deal with. For the most part, bad behavioral attitudes are blamed for these. However, some clinical research has shown that there is a link between cognitive functions and all these.

In essence, people need to be very particular about improving their mental state. One of the recommended ways to do this is to take the right supplement. There are a handful of items that come in handy. Balance of Nature is one such as it contains veggies, fruits, and items rich in fiber.

But for a more streamlined approach to improving your mental state (especially brain-related functions), nootropics are very effective solutions . However, you cannot just settle for anyone that you come across. You need to run several checks.

The quality of the ingredients used to make the nootropic supplement is something that you have to be sure of. This is because the ability to function as they should is mainly tied to the additions used to make them. So, pay due attention to the additions used.

In light of this, we will review the Alpha Brain here. What it is made up of, its benefits, possible side effects, and several other things about it will be discussed here. So, keep reading to know if it is wise to spend your money on this product or to simply go for alternatives.

What Is Alpha Brain?

This is one of the many supplements in the market with brain-boosting features. This is why even as a dietary supplement; it is considered a nootropic product. With proper use, you would be able to carry on with brain-related functions well. The things used to make it is why you would feel this way and have this experience in the long run.

Frankly speaking, there are many alternatives out there. Modafinil is one of the common names in this regard. However, the question is if they tick all the right boxes.

Turns out Alpha Brain is one of a kind and one of the pace-setting options around. Little wonder it comes highly recommended by well-known figures in various areas of influence. Joe Rogan is a good example.

When the need to get nootropics arises, you should only settle for one that will work well. This is why you should give serious thought to Alpha Brain. To get yours, you can buy it through the Caratello official website.

How Alpha Brain Improves Brain Functions

The goal is to get your brain to a state where it can optimally perform brain-related functions. In the official words of the manufacturer, attaining that conscious and productive state “in the flow zone”. This is the primary goal as there may be secondary aims. Where Alpha Brain stands out is how it goes about achieving this primary goal.

It does the work of triggering the increased and improved production of alpha waves and neurotransmitters in the body. With increased and improved production of neurotransmitters and alpha waves in an effective manner, the brain can function optimally . The success of this product is born out of independent, but purpose-driven clinical research, among other things.

For example, a study was conducted by the brand in the year 2016. Experiments were carried out on 63 individuals for 6 weeks. The findings went a long way in improving Alpha Brain’s quality. Several other clinical studies have also been carried out by the Onnit brand.

What Are the Things Used to Make Alpha Brain?

What Are the Things Used to Make Alpha Brain?

Straight off the bat, getting products for a healthy living requires paying attention to the ingredients used. This is because quality is tied to the kind and measure of the ingredients used.

Bearing this in mind, this is something that you need to take note of when choosing. In light of this, Alpha Brain is not only made using the regular additions used to make other alternatives. For one, natural additions are used. This is to avoid the complications brought about by using things that are not natural. So, you should seriously consider Alpha Brain when on the lookout for something that is natural, but that gets the job done.

Beyond this, various mixtures are used to arrive at the impressive end result. This is considering how it is informed by independent research by the Onnit brand. Having made this clear, the additions according to their blends include:

Flow Blend – 650mg

The production of alpha waves in the brain is important for improved cognitive function. It is against this backdrop that every addition here aims to promote alpha waves and they are:


If you have been reading reviews on the Caratello platform, for instance, you might have noticed this ingredient is used in making several supplementsReVision Eye is a good example. This goes to prove that the consumption of the right amount of L-Tyrosine every day will be beneficial.

Just as this ingredient is a major part of ReVision Eye (as mentioned above), so it is with Alpha Brain. It is used because its amino acid aids in the production of neurotransmitters.

The effects as a result are brain-related functions happening as they should. Every needed brain-related function would also happen quickly. For one, this means that you can accomplish tasks well and on time. Judging from the customer review, this is every bit true with Alpha Brain.

Extract from Oat Straw

Independent clinical research by this brand and other renowned resource bodies has identified the therapeutic features of this extract. This is particularly as it concerns improving your mental state. It does this by making sure cognitive activities are improved. With this part of oat straw in the mix, you have an increased chance of concentrating and being attentive a lot better than you used to.


Anxiety and stress are capable of leading to brain fog. You need to have a clear head (as many people say) to think well, concentrate, and be productive in the short and long run. This is why L-Theanine is part of the additions used to make Alpha Brain.

This amino acid has anxiolytic features. In other words, it effectively reduces stress and anxiety. These are some of the benefits of this ingredient as there are others for guaranteed healthy living.

Cat’s Claw Extract

This has nothing to do with animal cruelty as some might think. Rather, it is from a special plant’s bark in the Amazon forest. It just happens to be called this name. The brand goes through the trouble of getting this because of the advantages it offers.

By and large, it works towards ensuring improved cellular integrity in the body. A study on how this extract helps in this regard has informed its use . But it should be known that there are other ongoing studies to help understand the benefits of this extract.


This serine-containing phospholipid is special in the sense that it can improve brain-related functions. This is why it is a part of this mixture that makes up part of the entire product.

Fuel Blend – 60mg

Optimal communication between the brain and other parts of the body is one proof of being in a healthy state . This is especially true, as it pertains to mental health. It is against this backdrop that things in this combination are formulated to promote proper neural communication in the body. The additions are:


Nerve cells are vital for neural communication. Anything that threatens them affects the brain’s communication with other parts of the body. Pterostilbene in this blend is vital because it helps to protect the nerve cells and even the brain as well.

Vitamin B6

Generally speaking, your body needs a lot of vitamins every day. But as it concerns being mentally fit for day-to-day tasks, Vitamin B6 is high on the list of essential nutrients. Its antioxidant properties and its effect on the brain is the reason for this.


There is a link between poor protein synthesis and poor retentive memory . This is especially in the long term. This is just one of the ways the effects of protein synthesis affect the brain and cognitive function at large.

For this reason, there is a need for things that support proper protein synthesis. Fortunately, Alpha Brain is one such, and a good one at that. Having L-Leucine as a part of its Fuel Blend is one of the main reasons for this.

Other than improved protein synthesis, this ingredient also does the crucial work of repairing muscles in the body. This is one of the several ways Alpha Brain supports healthy living. This is even beyond its primary goal of improving brain-related functions.

Focus Blend – 240mg

The increased and improved production of neurotransmitters in the body is important for several reasons. One of the reasons is to support cognitive function. Increased and improved production of neurotransmitters is linked to the optimal performance of nerves and muscle cells. This is what this blend is mainly about. The ingredients in this blend are:

Bacopa Extract

This extract is one of the major ingredients used because it helps improve memory and cognition. For example, a 6-week study involving placebo experiments came to this conclusion. With this ingredient in the mix, even those with disorders such as Alzheimer’s stand to benefit from the use of Onnit Alpha Brain. One customer review on a reputable review platform even pointed this out.


This ingredient aids in how acetylcholine (a major neurotransmitter in the body) works. It contributes to improved cognitive functions. As a result, you can offer more in terms of mental performance and focus.

Judging from some customer reviews on several review platforms, people with cognitive disorders (like Alzheimer’s) have seen improvements after using this nootropic . This is down to ingredients such as Alpha-GPC.

Toothed Clubmoss

There are insufficient reports from clinical studies proving Alpha Brain helps those with Alzheimer’s. Be that as it may, some customer experiences have driven home this point.

A study by resource bodies like NCBI and NLM may help us understand how this is possible. Toothed Clubmoss has been discovered to support the treatment of Alzheimer’s . One of the core functions of this special Chinese herb is stopping the collapse of a major neurotransmitter in the body – Acetylcholine.

By and large, the Onnit brand is not a newbie in the wellness industry. They have a long list of products in the market and a positive track record. One of the things Onnit has been known for is providing safe options. With Alpha Brain, you have something:

  • Without stimulants such as Caffeine
  • Without toxins of any kind
  • Without Gluten
  • Without Genetically Modified Organisms

How products like these fare in terms of safety are some of the reasons they are considered top-quality. It is very important that whatever you get, even other than nootropic supplements, are free of these things listed above.

What Are the Benefits of Using Alpha Brain?

This is more like saying “what makes Alpha Brain better than many other alternative nootropics?” Well, there are several points to be made in this regard and they include the following:

Memory Support

One of the great sides to this effective product is boosting memory retention. So, this is one of the nootropics that you should consider getting if you need improved retentive memory. This has been the experience of many users that tried this product out. Generally speaking, you feel better mentally. However, memory support is one of the several ways this plays out.

You Concentrate Better

As mentioned very early on, a bad attitude is not always the reason for symptoms of brain fog such as lack of focus. It could be that the brain is lacking essential nutrients and the needed support to help you concentrate optimally.

Alpha Brain is one of the best products for this reason. This is because it helps you focus without giving in to interrupts. With products like this, you are more productive as you get more done in less time.

This is something that many people will like to enjoy. So, you can put your money to good use today by getting Alpha Brain. You can buy it through the Caratello official website. You can also check  the welfare section of Caratello official website for a review of other top-quality supplements.

It Is Free of Stimulants, Gluten, GMOs, and Toxins

The Onnit brand understands that safety is of the essence. Customer reviews bear witness to this. So, this is one of the nootropics to consider if getting something free of toxins, gluten, GMOs, and stimulants is important to you.

Third Party Lab Tested

Alpha Brain is a dietary supplement. As such, there is little regulatory interference by the FDA. At least, the level of regulatory activities by the FDA is not as much as it is with prescription drugs. This is a loose end that some below-by brands have exploited.

Some of these brands give false information about the; ingredients used, product effectiveness, and the supplement’s safety at large. So, you cannot just take their word for it. This is where third-party testing comes in. You should know that Onnit Alpha Brain has been certified as safe, effective, and true to its word by third-party laboratories.

Improved Speed ​​at Executing Cognitive Functions

The time taken to execute these brain-related tasks suggests an improvement or otherwise in cognition . When you take the right dose of Onnit Alpha Brain, performing cognitive function well and on time will be your experience.

Paleo & Keto Friendly

Alpha Brain is one for those opposed to taking meals and supplements that are not paleo-friendly. The ingredients in all the blends are carefully selected for reasons such as this.

Also, those that are on a keto diet or even supplements will be fine with this Onnit product. The ingredients used are keto-friendly as well. Speaking of Keto supplements, you can read a review of Keto Maxx to be correctly guided when searching for keto supplements.

These are just a few of the benefits as there are more. Some of the others include the fact that:

  • The Onnit brand offers a free trial
  • The Onnit brand has a money-back policy if certain expectations are not met
  • Clinical studies and several customer reviews prove its effectiveness
  • It is certified by the BSCG as drug-free
  • It has lasting positive effects

These are just some of the other known advantages of using it. You get value for money with the Onnit Alpha Brain supplement. So, you can get yours through the Caratello official website.

Are There Side Effects of Using Onnit Alpha Brain Supplement?

Are There Side Effects of Using Onnit Alpha Brain Supplement?

Every blend of ingredients used in making it is carefully selected to ensure effectiveness and safety. However, caution is of the essence when using such. This is why you should have your doctor confirm if using it is ideal for you. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • To avoid drug incompatibility
  • To know the right amount of dose to use
  • To better understand the ingredients and how they can affect you
  • To review your health history and figure out if using Alpha Brain is ideal for you

In light of all these, you should make guided decisions by consulting with your doctor first. You are most likely to avoid any side effects by doing this. You also need to stick to the ideal dose range. Complications can set in when you take more than you should. This is something that applies to other alternatives at large.


A review of the Alpha Brain Nootropic supplement from the Onnit brand has been done here. We have examined a couple of things and from all indications; this is one of the best nootropics in the health and wellness market. So, it is a wise decision if you choose to make the most of it.

However, equally important is the need to get Alpha Brain from the right source. The importance of doing this cannot be overemphasized. For one, this is to avoid scam items that bear the same name and have the same look. You want the best and so you should get it from the best source. You can get yours through the Caratello official website as this is a reputable platform for such.

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