Sore Throat and Ear Pain on One Side with Covid

Sore Throat and Ear Pain on One Side with Covid

A good number of people have been sensitized about covid 19 in the bid to free the world from the grasp of this outrageous viral infection. As a result, common signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus are no longer news to lots of people. Some of these common signs and symptoms of the virus include:

  • Sore throat
  • Flu
  • Fever
  • Body aches
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Fatigue

By and large, the common mild to severe signs and symptoms that we all know are not exhaustive. Reviewed updated data especially on a variant like the SARS variant has reported that symptoms like earache that can impact hearing are a possibility.

The Caratello Health team has done a detailed study on this subject and some of the findings are reported in this article. So, read on to find out more about the relationship between covid 19, the ear, and the throat.

Can Covid 19 Cause Pain in the Ear and Throat at the Same Time?

Covid 19 can cause pain in both parts at the same time. However, there are still inconclusive studies to help us understand whether or not the covid 19 virus, in itself, can cause it.

But medically speaking, cases of covid 19 patients having ear pain are mostly tied to the aftermath of the virus affecting the upper respiratory parts of the body. ENT professionals and other medical professionals help us understand how the upper parts of the body like the nose, throat (neck), and ear are interconnected.

Specifically, cases of covid 19 patients having ear pain alongside throat pain are often because of abnormalities with the Eustachian tube. This is the tube that connects the upper end of the throat with the ear. The Eustachian tube is important, especially for two reasons. The reasons are that it is the ear’s source of ventilation, as well as the natural mechanism for letting out fluid from the ear.

The Covid 19 infection is a respiratory disease but its adverse effects can be more pronounced in the upper respiratory parts. This is especially with the SARS variant and a few other variants. As a result, the Eustachian tube is put to some serious test and can give in to pressure.

When this happens, this tube is unable to let out fluid from the ear as it should; causing clogging and leading to pain. It can even get more severe as the buildup of fluid in the Eustachian tube can even cause harmful bacterial infections such as strep.

Strep starts in the throat but bacterial infections such as strep can make their way to the upper part of the Eustachian tube. Usually, antibiotic is prescribed by the doctor as treatment.

Can Covid 19 Cause Pain in the Ear and Throat at the Same Time?

Covid 19 Patients Who Are More Likely to Have Throat and Ear Pain

Not all covid 19 patients are going to have to deal with ear and throat pain all at the same time. However, some covid 19 patients are more susceptible and they include:


Parents have to take extra care as children are more susceptible to this upper respiratory symptom of the disease. This is because the Eustachian tube of children is still in its growing stage and is not as enlarged as the Eustachian tube of adults. As a result of the size of this tube, children are more likely to have their’s clogged because of the adverse effect of covid 19.

Obese People

Other than looks being a problem or not, one major problem with being obese is the accumulation of excess fat in unwanted parts of the body. For example, fatty deposits can make their way around this tube and clog it. So, this is one reason overweight people need to find out how to lose weight effectively.


This is one of the many downsides of smoking as this activity damages the hairs inside the nose. The damage will adversely impact the ability to clear mucus, which will lead to its buildup. This can cause ear pain as the nose is also connected to the Eustachian tube.

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