Can You Take Tums While Pregnant?

Can You Take Tums While Pregnant?

When pregnancy comes, the body has to make quite a lot of changes. As a result of these body changes, certain symptoms are bound to show up from time to time. Heartburn, nausea, morning sickness, and a couple of other uncomfortable conditions are not uncommon as a result.

Heartburn in particular is thanks to acid reflux. This is as stomach acid from foods makes its way up to the esophagus because of the effects of pregnancy. The enlargement of the uterus is one of the triggering factors.

Pregnancy Heartburn Issues Are Usually Not Dangerous

If it is any help, most of the heartburn issues tied to pregnancy are not going to cause any complications. However, they are uncomfortable and this can be pretty much unbearable. This is such that heartburn relief medications may need to be sought for help. The question is if women can take antacids to alleviate heartburn problems while pregnant.

Can Women Take Antacids During Pregnancy?

Fortunately, antacids can be used while pregnant but here is where it gets pretty interesting. Because of their delicate state during pregnancy, pregnant women are supposed to be very cautious of the kinds that they use.

The same applies to many other over-the-counter medications. For example, studies have shown how over-the-counter medications as trivial as aspirin can cause harm to the expectant mom and her baby. This is because of the effects of certain ingredients in their formula. So, you may need to avoid such medications during pregnancy, unless stated otherwise by your doctor.

This is why this article in the Caratello welfare category will discuss if women can take Tums antacid while they are pregnant. Read on to know if Tums antacid is one of the recommended heartburn relief drugs during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Heartburn Issues Are Usually Not Dangerous

Is Tums One of the Safe and Most Effective Antacids for Pregnant Women?

Many reputable sources have indicated that Tums is a recommended drug that can be used for heartburn during pregnancy. Based on studies from our end here at Caratello, it even passes as one of the best for heartburn while pregnant.

The ingredients contained in this medicine are safe and will not jeopardize the health of the expectant woman and her baby. For example, the addition of magnesium is a reason a lot of common antacids are not safe during pregnancy. The amount of this element is too outrageous for pregnant women and the wrong compound is even used.

Well, this is not how it is with Tums. The right magnesium compound is used and it is even within safe limits. Studies from our end have indicated that no more than 5 mg of magnesium is involved in the formula.

Besides the safety of its ingredients, Tums antacids are effective at alleviating the pain associated with pregnancy-induced heartburn. The quality of its ingredient formula is also to thank for this. For example, the right kind (calcium carbonate) and the right amount of calcium are involved in its ingredient’s formula.

Its Safety Is Tied to the Right Prescription

But even as safe and good enough as it is during pregnancy, you still need to stick to the golden rule of using the ideal dosage. For the record, the manufacturers of this drug have their prescriptions but we recommend that you consult your healthcare service provider for instructions in this regard.

This is so that you don’t unintentionally abuse this drug and face any risk associated with its abuse. For example, how far gone you are can influence how much of this drug you need to take. Someone in the third trimester will most likely not have the same dosage plan as someone in her first trimester.

Also, the nutrients in the foods that you regularly eat as a pregnant woman are a deciding factor. By the way, eating certain foods triggers this heartburn issue during pregnancy.

Despite its status as one of the best antacids while pregnant, you still need to take it with caution. The increased risk of kidney stones is an example of one of the problems that can come with abusing Tums antacids. So, only use as much as you should, and not any more than that.

Caratello is committed to your being in perfect health and wellness. You can read other posts on the Caratello welfare category. For example, you can read about when women start showing pregnancy.

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