Why Are My Hands and Feet Always Cold and Sweaty?

Why Are My Hands and Feet Always Cold and Sweaty?

It is only normal for a person to sweat. However, this has to be under the right atmospheric temperature. The experience of sweating when the weather is hot is understandable. But what happens when a person still has sweaty fingers, toes, hands, and feet at large even when the weather is cold?

Well, this is not always normal and Raynaud’s and Hyperhidrosis are among the leading causes. It is more with the former than with the latter as excessively pale, cold, and sweaty hands and feet are the experiences for such people. Both conditions can be indicative of an underlying medical condition like diabetes disease and/or overactive thyroid. Others include heart attack, fever, and hot flashes.

But more often than not, Raynaud’s and/or Hyperhidrosis are just independent health conditions. Considering how common both Raynaud’s and Hyperhidrosis are, the Caratello Health team will discuss a few things about them. So, keep reading as you will find out more helpful information here.

Reasons Why People Have Raynaud’s

The body has the internal ability to adjust to external temperature. However, Raynaud’s is a common medical condition that alters the ideal way the body should react to external temperature. Particularly, it causes the body to exhibit exaggerated responses to external colds.

This happens by disrupting normal blood circulation as more blood flows toward vital organs in the body. This alteration in blood circulation is also thanks to the contraction of blood vessels in the skin. As a result, excessive blood flow to these vital organs happens at the expense of areas of the skin like the fingers, toes, hands, and feet at large.

As a result, physical symptoms such as pale and clammy feet and hands are expected. People with this condition are also likely to feel cold in these parts of their bodies. In some severe cases, people can feel this way even when there is external heat which is supposed to make the hands and feet warm instead.

Reasons Why People Have Raynaud’s

Reasons Why People Have Hyperhidrosis

A smaller percentage of men and women who have these sweaty hands and feet symptoms have hyperhidrosis. It should also be known that some people have both Hyperhidrosis and Raynaud’s. Hyperhidrosis happens when more sweat than is required for thermoregulation is produced.

The excess production of sweat causes excessive sweating in the hands and feet, as well as some other symptoms. Hyperhidrosis causes affected people to keep sweating especially in these parts of their skin. This is regardless of how hot or cold the external temperature is.

For the record, there are two subsets of hyperhidrosis – primary hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. More often than not, the former is always inherited and can set in as early as childhood.

As passively pointed out above, both Hyperhidrosis and Raynaud’s are triggered by internal factors. However, mental health issues such as anxiety can trigger it or even make it worse. Also worth pointing out is how neither hyperhidrosis nor Raynaud’s causes pain. However, they can be very discomforting.

If any form of pain is involved, it is because there is an underlying condition to be addressed. So, you need to make out the time to see your doctor for medical help if this is the situation. Seeing your doctor is still advised even if you do not feel pain.

The fact that excessive sweating can cause dehydration is a reason on its own. You might want to read Liquid IV reviews for this purpose as this health product helps tackle dehydration.

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis and Raynaud’s

There are both lifestyle and medical treatments for hyperhidrosis and Raynaud’s. Starting with the former and proceeding to the latter, the treatment options include:

  • Using antiperspirant wipes
  • Constant use of absorbent clothes and a handkerchief to drain the excess sweat
  • Wearing ventilated shoes, as well as breathable and absorbent socks
  • Antiperspirants
  • Special oral medications
  • Topical OTC treatments
  • Botox treatments
  • Surgical treatments
  • Iontophoresis

You should make out time to see your doctor for the best medical treatment option (if necessary). Caratello is committed to your being in perfect health and wellness. You can read other posts on the Caratello health category that support this course. For example, you can read about when women start showing pregnancy.

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