My Poop Smells Different After Covid

My Poop Smells Different After Covid

Anosmia or hyposmia is one of the very common symptoms of covid 19. The former is the absolute loss of smell, while the latter is the partial loss of smell. This is quite understandable considering that covid is a viral infection that affects the olfactory system and some other parts of the upper respiratory system.

Even after this viral disease is long gone, about 7 percent of once-infected people report a mild to severe distortion in their sense of smell and taste. This condition is covid-induced parosmia and the Caratello health team has done a study on it. The reported findings will help you better understand this subject and the experience of affected people.

Parosmia – One of the Long Covid Symptoms

Even after patients who test positive end up testing negative for the virus, some symptoms will not go away at once or new ones can set in. Parosmia has been reported as one of the long covid symptoms that some people experience after they stop being covid 19 patients.

Covid-induced parosmia happens when the cells that nourish the cells in the nose that are responsible for tracking smell are affected by the virus. As a result, there is a distortion in the way these smell-tracking cells in the nose perceive smell. This explains why they send the wrong smell signals to the brain.

As a result, foods and things in general supposed to have tolerant and even pleasant smells and tastes, now smell and taste awful. You can imagine food like eggs now smelling and/or tasting like garbage, stool, rotten meat, or other unpleasant smell and/or taste.

Just as nice smelling and tasting things now taste foul, things like stool that are supposed to smell awful don’t smell as they should. This is because of the distorted workings of the olfactory system.

Effects of Covid-Induced Parosmia

Frankly, life can be quite complicated for an affected person as the sense of smell or even taste is not even lost, but distorted. As a result, here are some of the downsides:

  • Adverse effects on mental health – We examined a group of participants in our online (Facebook) study on affected people. Having spent time discussing with them, we gathered that many of them are battling depression and/or anxiety or have had either mental health condition at some point
  • Constant loss of appetite – There is a huge link between smell, taste, and appetite. The distortion of smell as a result of covid-induced parosmia causes many affected people to eat less often than they should. This is especially with certain foods that trigger the distorted sense of smell and taste
  • Body weight loss – These people will most likely not hope to lose weight as they end up not eating as much as they should eat. Rather, they are likely to end up being underweight

These are just a few of the concerns brought about by covid-induced parosmia. It is also why more effort should be channeled toward finding lasting solutions for affected people.

How Long Is Covid-Induced Parosmia Supposed to Last?

How Long Is Covid-Induced Parosmia Supposed to Last?

Covid-induced Parosmia is supposed to be temporary as the cells in the nose will ease back to normalcy with time. Some medical studies have reported that between 3 – 5 months is enough time for the condition to go away.

However, this is not how it is for everyone. A few of our group of Facebook participants that we discussed with, reported that it can stay for a year and even much longer in some cases.

Is There Any Treatment for Covid-Induced Parosmia?

There are no proven treatment options for people affected by covid-induced parosmia. However, some techniques are proven to slightly help. One such is olfactory training aimed at helping the smell-tracking cells in the nose identify normal smell patterns again.

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