Provitalize Reviews – Ingredients, Benefits, and Possible Side Effects

Provitalize Reviews: Ingredients, Benefits, and Possible Side Effects

There are several approaches to dealing with excessive weight gain. However, you need to be very deliberate about using healthy options. For instance, many health experts have warned against the use of certain clothing that promises speedy weight loss.

Having made that clear, several healthy options can be considered as well. You would also need to choose one that suits you best. This is because some healthy weight loss options might not be ideal for you. The use of keto supplements such as Keto ACV Gummies is a good example. Although considered one of the highly rated keto weight loss products, it is not best suited for those that cannot deal with Keto diets. For the record, you can read a review of Keto ACV Gummies on the Caratello website.

It is on this note that weight loss probiotics come highly recommended. Provitalize Weight Loss Probiotic is a very popular choice in this regard. Keep reading as a review of this product will be done here.

An Overview of Provitalize

As described by the company that manufactures this product – Better Body Company; this weight loss product is considered a thermogenic probiotic. Judging from the meaning of the term “thermogenic”, these are products that work towards using the metabolic production of body heat to aid weight loss.

At the time of doing this review, it is recorded that of all the products in the market for weight loss, this is the only weight loss supplement that qualifies as thermogenic probiotics. This is a stance that has been reached by several other review platforms. This thermogenic probiotic comes in the form of capsules. So, it is very easy for people that use it to keep track of dosage.

As probiotics, this means that certain beneficial bacteria strains help users lose excess fat. This is by enhancing their metabolism to help achieve fat loss goals. It should be noted that many of the strains in question have been clinically proven. Reputable health resource platforms such as the NIH, NLM, and NCBI have made sure of this. So, this is one of the things that prove its credibility.

Speaking of the credibility of this product, this is not just how it can be proven. There are quite a lot of positive customer reviews on various review platforms. Many of these reviews shed light on how Provitalize helped men and (especially) women with weight loss goals.

Furthermore, the company that manufactures it has been proven as reputable over time. They have been in operation a while ago with several wellness products to their name. For the most part, they are well known for all the right reasons.

So, all these are some of the ways the credibility of this thermogenic probiotic is proven. If you are interested in getting this product, you can do so on the Caratello official website. You can also read the reviews of other weight loss supplements on the website.

Other than being a weight loss solution, the things in this product make it well suited for improving gut health. All things being equal, it will support all that your gut areas need to function optimally.

What Are the Things Used to Make Provitalize?

What Are the Things Used to Make Provitalize?

Provitalize is a probiotic as indicated by its name. As such, it is made up of several probiotics in addition to other things. By and large, you should know that the manufacturer of these probiotics – Better Body Company, is very particular about using natural ingredients.

The company has done the same with Provitalize. Having made known the fact that most things used are natural, some of them include:


Better Body Company leaves no stone untouched in offering the best supplements. One of the ways they have done this with Provitalize is by coming up with a patented way of producing the product’s capsules.

The style of coating this product is one of the things that make it unique. This is so that stomach acids will not be able to break down the capsules on time. This way, bioavailability is aided. This helps by aiding prolonged gut development.

Bifidobacterium Breve

This is one of the bacterial strains that make up this supplement. Its involvement in the ingredient mix that makes up Provitalize has been clinically proven. This is especially thanks to studies on platforms such as the NIH, NCBI, and NLM.

Studies about Bifidobacterium Breve on platforms such as the NIH, NCBI, and NLM, have indicated that excess fat or weight loss is very possible with this bacterial strain. This is one of the ways this bacteria strain benefits the body.

Lactobacillus Gasseri

This is another good bacterium that benefits the body. It is one of the probiotics that make this product very effective for achieving weight loss goals. Other than its role in this regard, this bacteria can support gut health for improved healthy living.

Bifidobacterium Lactis

The involvement of this bacterium is one of the reasons Provitalize Supplement can offer more than just weight loss. With it in the mix, pain and inflammation in the body can be properly managed. Other than this, it is a bacterium that can support the reduction of cholesterol levels. It also helps with BMI (Body Mass Index) management.

Curry Leaf Extract

This leaf will support the digestive system. Seeing that Provitalize Supplement is a thermogenic probiotic, curry leaf extract is one of the additions that aid metabolic activities for the actualization of weight loss goals. In addition to this, it ensures that the ideal cholesterol level is maintained by the body.

Extract from Moringa Leaf

Extract from Moringa Leaf

This extract from the Moringa tree is rich in so many essential nutrients. This is especially those nutrients that support the actualization of weight loss goals and healthy living at large.  Some of these nutrients also ensure that energy levels are boosted in the body. Some of the nutrients in question include:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Riboflavin
  • Protein
  • Iron

It should also be known that this extract from the Moringa tree also benefits the digestive system. This is other than the fact that it supports an improved immune system.


Oxidation & inflammation conditions can be properly managed with turmeric in the ingredient mix. Because of its therapeutic chemical properties, a wide range of mental and physical complications like hyperlipidemia, arthritis, and anxiety can be well managed.

Sunflower Lecithin

There are specific health benefits that come with having sunflower lecithin in the ingredient mix. But other than this, it is a great addition because it supports other ingredients. This is by ensuring others are properly absorbed into the bloodstream.


Speaking of an ingredient that aid absorption of other ingredients, Bioperine is another one of such. In addition to this, it will support the regulation of blood sugar levels. This is one of the reasons Provitalize Supplement contributes to increased energy levels.

What Are the Benefits of Using Provitalize?

Especially judging from several customer reviews on review platforms, some of the advantages of using products like these include:

Helps in Dealing with Menopausal Symptoms

Frankly, some amazing supplements can serve as alternatives. However, not many of them are ideal for women dealing with the state of menopause. This is one of the exceptions in this regard. Because of its unique work as a thermogenic probiotic, it can help people in the menopause stage.

This is because it helps them deal with some of the odds associated with this stage. However, it should be known that most of the claims in this regard are by the company. They are not necessarily statements from health bodies such as the NCBI, NIH, and NLM.

Better Gut Health

A proper diet is important for better and healthier living. However, even the right diet needs a healthy digestive system. With probiotics like Provitalize Supplement, your gut help is guaranteed to be better.

This is something that should come with using top-quality probiotics. Morning Complete probiotic is a good example. You can read a review of Morning Complete probiotics to understand how it makes digestive health better.

Weight Management

This is one of the core reasons products like this are made available in the first place. The amazing thing about this one is its approach to dealing with excessive weight gain in men and women. For example, this is why it is advertised as a thermogenic probiotic.

So, those that want to lose weight have it as a good option. If you fall into this category of people, you can order your or other similar supplements from the Caratello official website.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Provitalize Probiotic?

As mentioned by Provitalize Probiotic Supplement’s manufacturer and third-party sources, it contains natural and safe ingredients. Be that as it may, caution is still of the essence to avoid some side effects.

This is why it is necessary to use the right dose. But even at that, some people will experience some slight unfavorable symptoms at first. But this would end as you continue using the product properly each day. These symptoms are just the way your body adjusts to the new therapeutic chemical properties the supplement is exposing your body to. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Frequent Urination
  • Gas
  • Bloating

Although natural ingredients are used, you still need to be sure of certain ingredient’s effects on your body. This is especially the case with ingredients such as curry leaf. This is because this leaf extract can trigger symptoms such as upset stomach, toxicity, and some allergies.


With reviews such as Caratello’s, you get to hear what supplements have to offer. This is by understudying the ingredients used and benefits, in particular. We have done a review of Provitalize Probiotic Supplement here. As a result, you are better equipped to decide whether to get these probiotics or otherwise.

After all said and done, it is safe to say this is a unique kind of probiotic for those that want to lose weight. This is especially because of its unique approach to aiding the loss of excess weight. However, you should be mindful of where you get it. This is why getting it from the Caratello platform is a good option.

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