Ritual Vitamins Review – Products, Ingredients, and Benefits

Ritual Vitamins Review: Products, Ingredients, and Benefits

It can get very ironic reading reviews of supplements on review platforms. A user might sing the praise of a supplement while another leaves unsatisfactory remarks. There are several reasons for this. One such is that people react uniquely to health products. So, this should be taken into consideration when reading reviews on review platforms and choosing supplements.

But other than this, the right supplement addresses the age-sensitive needs of users. For example, women in the 18 to 50 years age bracket need nutrients such as iron. This is because of the demands placed upon them by menstruation.

It is on this note that Ritual vitamins are developed to address gender and age-sensitive needs. There are options for kids, teenagers, males and females (between the ages of 18 to 50), pregnant & nursing mothers, and men and women (between the ages of 50 and above).

As is our practice on this review platform, a review of Ritual vitamins will be done here. This is to ensure you fully understand what it offers and make guided decisions. So, read on to stay informed.

What Are Ritual Vitamins?

These are multivitamins by the Ritual brand. This is a wellness company that has been actively offering multivitamins and other supplements to people in need of them. For the most part, Ritual makes them available to users through a subscription service. This means that users have to subscribe to at least one of the company’s plans.

Other than producing multivitamins of various kinds, Ritual is also involved in producing protein powers and probiotics & prebiotics supplements. For this reason, Ritual is considered an alternative to options like Bio Complete 3. You can read Bio Complete 3 reviews for additional information.

For the most part, Ritual is considered a reputable brand by customers and even some regulatory bodies. This is because of the nature of their practices over the years. For example, the brand is very open about where the ingredients are sourced.

Furthermore, the company always makes it a point of duty to have batches of their supplements third-party tested. This is to ascertain that they are free of impurities, safe, and potent. Ritual also goes all the way to use production techniques that benefit users.

For example, the capsules that make up ritual vitamins are produced using the delayed-release technique. This makes them have incredible bioavailability rates. These are just a few of the things that make Ritual a remarkable company.

Multivitamin Products by Ritual

As explained in the introductory section, the right supplement needs to address specific health needs. This could play out by addressing the age-sensitive needs of people as it relates to nutrition. Starting with women, multivitamins by Ritual (according to the age and conditions they help address) are listed and explained below:

Essential Prenatal Multivitamin

A lot of questions are raised about pregnant and even nursing women using supplements. This is because of the presence of things that can harm the mother and/or child. Well, Ritual Essential Prenatal Multivitamin is suitable for women during pregnancy.

Everything used to make Essential Prenatal Multivitamins does not cause complications of any sort during pregnancy. Rather, it will support the health of the mother and child during the various stages of pregnancy. Furthermore, it can be used by those who are planning to get pregnant. Some of the things used to make it include:

  • Vitamin – B12, D3, E, K2
  • Biotin
  • Iron
  • Choline
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • DHA
  • Boron

One of the worries when dealing with pregnant women is their Bloodhound sense of taste. As a result, some tastes are not appreciated or tolerated by them. This Essential Prenatal Multivitamin has taken care of this by having a lemon flavor.

Essential Postnatal Multivitamin

Women still need adequate amounts of vitamins and other nutrients after giving birth. Some are even more important after giving birth. This is why the Essential Prenatal Multivitamin from Ritual has additions like zinc, vitamin C & A.

The prenatal product explained above has very little or even none of these ingredients. Other than this, many of the things used to make the prenatal supplement are also used in making the postnatal option. This is except that they are in varying proportions.

For example, there is more daily value addition of vitamin B12 and E in this product than in the prenatal option. Also considering that it is for women who have given birth and now have a more relaxed taste bud, the flavor used is mint.

Essential Women Multivitamin (50+)

It is specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of women that are past the age of 50. Or better still, these are females that have reached the stage of menopause. With this stage come new nutritional demands.

Ordinarily, these should be gotten by daily consuming the proper diet. But this is a daunting task for many and so this supplement comes to the rescue. Some of the things it is made up of include:

  • Vitamin – B12, D3, E, K2
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Boron
  • Omega-3 DHA

By and large, every nutrient that makes up this one is to help users in this age range in aging smoothly. For example, vitamin D3 is part of the mix because it supports calcium absorption; which will support keeping healthy bones even as women age at that stage.

Essential Women Multivitamin (18+)

Essential Women Multivitamin (18+)

Quite a lot of things used to make the option discussed above are used here as well. This is because of the similarities in what is required for both classes of females. But even at that, there are some clear-cut differences as well.

For example, women between the ages of 18 up till before menopause need iron. This is because of the demands placed by menstruation, which happens every month. On the contrary, those that have reached the menopause stage do not require iron as much as those in this category. These are claims that have been made by reputable health bodies such as the NIH and several others.

A good amount of folate is also required by females in this category. This is why the amount in this Ritual multivitamin is a lot more than what is in the product explained above. There are also situations where it is the other way around.

For example, this multivitamin and the one explained right above contain vitamin K2. But while the one explained right above contains 100 mcg, this one contains 10 mcg less. This is a deliberate move based on medical studies of how much of these things are needed by various age groups.

Essential Teens Multivitamin (Her)

This is specifically for teenage girls. This implies girls between the ages of 13 to 17 years. Certain things influence the choice of ingredients used to make this product. Some of them include:

  • The need to support brain health
  • To help compensate for the adverse effects of menstruation
  • The regulation of the immune system

In light of the need to ensure all these happen, some of the things used to make this Ritual supplement for teenage girls include:

  • Vitamin – A, B12, D, E
  • Folate
  • Omega-3 DHA
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Many of these are also used in making the Ritual supplement for males of the same age group. But given the unique needs of females in this age group, things like iron are only involved in making this one.

Essential Teens Multivitamin (Him)

Even medical professionals and trusted health resource platforms like the NIH stress the need to eat the right food. These are particularly age-sensitive meals. For teenage males, this supplement has made things a lot easier by ensuring the right amount of essential nutrients is gotten each day.

Speaking of the right amount, many of the things that make up this supplement are also involved in the one discussed above. However, they are not always in the same measure.

For example, folate is needed by both male and female teenagers. However, female teenagers need it a lot more than their male counterparts. This is why this product for male teenagers contains half the amount in the female option.

Essential Multivitamins for Kids

This is the sort specially made to benefit kids. By kids, we mean those that have clocked the age of 4 up till the age of 12. The overall goal of every nutrient used is to:

  • Support the activities of probiotics (good bacteria) by supplying prebiotics (bacterial food)
  • Improve gut health by supplying beneficial micronutrients like fiber
  • Supporting the proper formation of the skeletal frame

Just as with Ritual vitamins for male and female teenagers, many of the ingredients are also used. However, they are available in different proportions. For example, the amount of vitamin D3 used for this one is not as much as what is used for the essential for teenagers (him & her).

The same thing applies to vitamins B12 & E, folate, and zinc. Also, some things used for this one are not involved in the essential for teenagers (him & her). Iodine and Choline are the most notable examples.

Essential Men Multivitamin (50+)

Essential Men Multivitamin (50+)

Just as there are dedicated multivitamins for women in this age bracket, the same applies to men. This is because males at this age have unique nutritional needs brought about by the demand of this stage of their life. For example, testosterone levels decline and this can affect sexual drive and even performance. This is why solutions like BlueChew are in the wellness market. You can read BlueChew reviews for additional information.

The overall goals of the nutrients that make up Essential Men Multivitamin (50+) are to:

  • Reduce or prevent pain & inflammation
  • Support optimal performance of cognitive functions
  • Promote protein synthesis
  • Ensure proper healing of wounds
  • Improve the immune system
  • Contribute to daily detoxification of the body
  • Contribute to improved bone health

These are just some of the positive effects that come with using this supplement consistently. Some of the additions that make this possible include:

  • Vitamin – A, B12, D, E, K2
  • Boron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3 DHA

Not only does the Ritual brand involve these important nutrients. They also ensure they are made available in the right amount. This is in line with independent clinical studies, as well as the findings of reputable health resource platforms like the NIH.

Essential Men Multivitamin (18+)

It is specially made to address the nutritional needs of males between the ages of 18 to 49. Ideally, they should eat the right food that offers them the required nutrients. However, this can be a very daunting task as stressed several times here. For this reason, it has been developed to help in this regard.

Almost all the ingredients that make up Essential Men Multivitamin for people 50 years and above are used here as well. However, they are not all used in the same measure. For example, while vitamin A & D3, DHA, and boron are used in the same proportion, it is not that way with vitamin E & B12, folate, and magnesium. It contains a lesser amount of folate, magnesium, and vitamin B12 & E than the Essential Men Multivitamin (50+).

Are Ritual Vitamins Good Enough?

Ritual vitamins are considered one of the best of their kind in the market. This is the stance of many medical experts that are qualified to review such products. Some of the reasons the quality of these products is impressive include the following:

Impressive Bioavailability

The capsules are made using the delayed-release technique. This means that they make their way into the intestinal areas before they become disintegrated. This way, the positive effects are felt better and for a longer period.

Great for Those on a Vegan Diet

If you are only given to eating vegan-friendly food, you would not have a problem with this supplement. The ingredients are ideal for even those on a vegan diet. Other than this, these Ritual Vitamins are free of major allergens, gluten, and even artificial sweeteners.

Frequent Third-Party Assessment

The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements as much as they regulate prescription drugs. This has given rise to many brands with products that have questionable quality. One of the ways to be certain you are getting the right supplement is to make sure it is properly assessed by a third-party lab. Well, Ritual Vitamins are frequently assessed by third-party labs.

Based on Reliable Clinical Studies

For one, Ritual as a company is very transparent about the ingredients used. This also includes where they are obtained. But beyond this, the ingredients are deliberately chosen based on what they have to offer. Clinical reports from resource bodies such as the NIH and independent studies inform the ingredients used.


A review of Ritual Vitamins has been done here. In light of what you have discovered about these products, it can be said that they are the best of their kind. This is even though they cost a lot more than many alternatives. However, they have a good cost-to-value ratio.

If you decide to get any of these Ritual Vitamins, you should do so using the right channel. This is why you should buy through the Caratello official website. You can also read reviews of other health products on the health section of the Caratello platform.

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