When Do You Start Showing Pregnancy?

When Do You Start Showing Pregnancy?

It is only normal to feel pregnant before you start showing pregnancy signs. Once many women realize that a fetus is growing inside their belly, they start to ask some questions.

One such is when pregnant women start showing pregnancy signs. Prior notice can be of great help. For example, it can help determine the right time to start using prenatal multivitamins. You can read a review of essential prenatal multivitamins from Ritual Vitamins to understand what prenatal vitamins can offer.

Here in the welfare segment of the Caratello platform, we have answers for those asking when their baby bump will finally show in their body. So, read on if you seek an expert answer to this question.

When Do Pregnant Women Usually Start Showing Pregnancy?

In most cases, this happens between the fourth week of the second trimester to the eighth week of the second trimester. That is between the end of the fourth month after conception to the fifth month after conception.

However, this timeframe mentioned above does not do justice to the experience for all expectant moms. You might have come across some who do not have a protruding stomach. This happens up until they eventually give birth. Some individuals might even mistake the baby bump in such women’s abdominal section, for nothing more than just bloating signs and symptoms in their stomach.

However, such cases are very rare. For some, the visible signs do not show until the start of their third trimester. That would be anything beyond when the baby is 29 weeks or seven months of age in the uterus (womb).

Another thing to note is how the baby bump shows up earlier for some, and late for some. Certain things are responsible for how sooner or later a pregnant woman will start showing pregnancy. Read on for a better understanding of how these things influence when pregnant women start showing pregnancy.

Factors that Determine When Pregnant Women Show Baby Bump

Factors that Determine When Pregnant Women Show Baby Bump

Before we delve into this discussion, here is something very important. Every expectant mom is supposed to see her doctor periodically for antenatal sessions. This is to monitor and be certain the growth of the child, and the health of the mother and child is intact.

This is best for mother and child. Now that we have established this, some of the things that determine when pregnant women start showing their baby bump are listed and explained below:

Rate of Fetus Growth

You must have heard time and time again how people are peculiar. Well, this is something that starts from the moment the child is forming and growing in the womb (uterus).On this note, the growth of some fetuses is quicker than others and vice versa.

For a fetus that grows very quickly, the chances are high that the bump in the abdomen area will protrude early. The rates at which the baby’s size and weight increase will make this happen.


Age could be an influencing factor. The reason is that stomach muscles are very likely to relax as people advance in age. Considering how relaxed muscles usually give in sooner to a baby bump in the abdomen, people closer to their menopause might show pregnancy much earlier than younger expectant mothers.

Pregnancy History

If you have had a baby before, then the chances of your bump showing very early are increased. This is because the first or earlier pregnancies will have relaxed the muscles in your abdominal area.

Also, the number of fetuses in your uterus is an influencing factor. Those with twins or more will likely have their bump showing very early.

The Uterus’s Shape

It is either you have an anteverted or retroverted uterus. This is about the positioning of your womb. Those with the former are likely to have their baby bump showing much earlier than those with the latter.

There are a couple of other influencing factors that we cannot address here. However, the ones discussed here are very notable.

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