When Does Period Weight Go Away?

When Does Period Weight Go Away?

There are more PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms than many people are aware of. Besides, women are not all faced with the same experience during this monthly cycle of theirs. So, it is pretty much hard to explain symptoms that are normal or otherwise when this time arrives. Some of the known symptoms faced may include:

  • Increased bloating
  • Increased cravings for certain meals – These may be foods that have high amounts of sugar, caffeine, or even salt
  • Pronounced effects on some body parts (like the breasts being tender)
  • Increased mood swings – This explains why some women feel edgy during this period

These are just a bit of what women may experience during this period in their menstrual cycle. However, some are not as talked about as others. One of the least talked about symptoms seems to be weight gain during a woman’s period.

Yes, women tend to gain some extra pounds but it does not remain for long. It is lost in a matter of days after the period commences. So, you have very little to be worried about if you are on a mission to lose so much weight and you end up gaining some during your periods. Read on to discover more as the Caratello weight loss team will keep you informed.

When Will Period Weight be Lost?

Considering how people are different and their bodies react differently to a phase like menstrual periods, the answer is not the same for all. However, between 2 – 6 days is enough time for the body to let go of weight gained during one’s menstrual period.

It may not even be the same time for the same person every month. On the subject of how the symptoms play out differently, (although rare) some ladies would feel like losing weight in the face as it looks puffy.

Why Does Period Weight Eventually Go Away?

The major reason is that the sort of weight that is gained is not actual weight. Rather it is water weight.

Water weight, either gained or lost, is temporary. For example, people usually weigh less in the morning after a good night’s sleep. However, what is lost is eventually gained during the day. This is because what is lost during the night’s sleep is water weight. In essence, water weight is not actual weight.

Why Does Period Weight Eventually Go Away?

Reasons for Water Weight Gain During Your Period

Another reason it will eventually go away is that the factors that cause this increase are temporary. These factors are triggered by PMS symptoms and would subside once a woman’s period starts. Some of these factors include:


With all that comes with your period, fatigue is not far-fetched. As a result, exercise is the least on a woman’s mind. Weight gain during this time can be a result of an increased level of inactivity.

Increase in Some Hormone

Premenstrual syndrome gives rise to certain hormonal changes. Chief among the hormones affected are progesterone and estrogen. Water or fluid retention than normal is one of the several effects of increased estrogen and progesterone hormones.

Magnesium Levels

Magnesium levels are also affected by PMS. The decrease in magnesium levels contributes to the cravings for foods that contain excess calories and foods that tend to cause weight gain. This is the reason you always feel like eating such meals during your period.

How Much Weight Can a Woman Gain During Her Period?

This depends on the woman’s body system for the most part. But it is also dependent on activities that transpired before PMS symptoms set in. For example, those who consume more magnesium during the month may not gain so much. Among other reasons, this is because they can reduce or have better control over their appetite for sugar-rich food and salt-rich food.

Is Medical Help Needed During a Woman’s Period?

Menstruation is a natural phase that happens to eligible females every month. So, there may be no need for medical help during this period.

However, medical help should be sought if symptoms are severe and threaten one’s health. For example, you may have to visit your clinic for health reasons if you lose so much fluid or experience severe forms of bloating during your period.

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