When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

Sometime around week 20 (roughly the 5th month of pregnancy) is when some pregnant women start to feel hot during pregnancy. For those who deal with this pregnancy-associated sign, it can even happen as early as the 1st trimester as well. So, the time is not always as mentioned earlier.

Do All Women Feel Hot Flashes During Pregnancy?

This is one of the signs during pregnancy but not every pregnant woman would experience these levels of internal temperature changes. The Caratello Health team has gone over some trusted medical reports on this subject and discovered that slightly more women do not experience hot flashes during pregnancy.

The ratio for those that will have to deal with this feeling during pregnancy is 1:3. As common as intense internal heat during pregnancy is, it is not as common as morning sickness and a couple of other pregnancy-associated signs.

What Are the Reasons for Intense Hot Flashes During Pregnancy?

There are many reasons for hot flashes during pregnancy and they include:

  • Increase in the volume of blood in the body
  • Blood flow activities closer to the skin’s surface because of dilated blood vessels
  • Faster metabolic pace
  • Occasional faster heart rate
  • Hormonal changes – Increased amount of certain pregnancy hormones
  • More weight than is normal – This is usually a result of giving in to certain food cravings
  • Hot external temperature – It would help to take care to make the external environment cool enough for the pregnant woman and her baby. This is especially at night as they feel hot flushes and night sweats

Sweating is the way the body gets to manage the hot flashes. So, the problem is less about the day and (especially) night sweats and more about the causes.

What Are the Reasons for Intense Hot Flashes During Pregnancy?

Do Pregnant Women Need to Visit their Health Clinic when They Feel Hot?

Hot flashes are a normal experience for lots of ladies during pregnancy. Such ladies may not need to visit their health clinic if they can keep the hot flashes in check well enough. However, there will be a need to visit the health clinic at any period when there is an unsafe spike in temperature.

Pregnant women that reach as high as 102 degrees Fahrenheit as the ones concerned here. They need to see their doctor for this reason and not only for prenatal appointments.

How Can You Properly Manage Feeling Hot During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy-associated heat can be properly managed when you take note of the flowing tips:

  • Drink lots of water – More intake of water is required during pregnancy to cope with the demands of carrying a baby. So, avoid dehydration as it can trigger and make hot flashes worse than they should be. Drink water often and especially during any period you feel thirsty. It will help to drink cool water
  • Avoid clothes that trigger sweating
  • Keep the environment cool enough
  • Avoid foods that trigger heartburn and/or sweating – Spicy foods and hot drinks are culprits here
  • Avoid saunas and hot spa sessions
  • Don’t leave your fever untreated
  • Take cold showers

To be candid, it takes quite a lot to be a woman and this is not just about pregnancy. For example, even those who have reached menopause have to deal with some menopausal symptoms.

Well, Caratello is committed to having women in perfect health and wellness at every given period. So, you should read other posts that support this course. For example, you can read this article about how you can safely remove skin tags in one night.

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