Can You Drink Water While Fasting?

Can You Drink Water While Fasting?

Water is an essential part of any good nutrition. A nutritionist even went ahead to say water is the best food class. So, don’t make light of the health benefits of drinking water and the need to make it a part of your diet every day. It is so important that the body can survive longer without other food classes than with water. Taking a cue from this, read on as the Caratello nutrition team has decided to address the common question of whether or not water is allowed during a fast.

Your Reason for Fasting Determines the Answer

The answer to whether or not you can drink water while fasting is down to your reason for fasting. We are almost tempted to say water is allowed during a fast and this is quite understandable. This is especially considering how drinking water while fasting does not compromise your plans to lose body fat. The clear reason for this is that water contains no calories. So, your body will not have to deal with extra calories when you drink plain or even sparkling water.

But with that being said, the fact is that men and women do not only fast for this reason. A lot of people fast for this reason, but there are a couple of other reasons why people fast. Here are some answers based on a few reasons for fasting:

Your Reason for Fasting Determines the Answer

Weight Loss

Water is perfectly fine if losing body fat is the reason for the intermittent fast. Water will not come in between your goal of losing so much weight. As pointed out earlier, water does not expose you to any form of calories. Its zero-calorie title is unlike what you experience with other foods and even drinks/liquids. So, you don’t break your fast if you drink water while fasting for weight loss reasons. You don’t need to avoid water if this is your intention.

Besides not exposing your body to calories, you may have to drink water whether or not you are fasting. Some of the reasons include:

  • Suppressing the urge to eat calorie-loaded foods
  • Prevents or can help manage coronary heart disease
  • It will help the body avoid the dangers of dehydration during intermittent fasting
  • Supports body detoxification by supporting organs that detoxify the body

People who cannot stick to water alone while fasting will be exposing themselves to calories. However, they may turn to low-calorie beverages like unsweetened – tea, coffee, and light beverages. So, such liquids should be without sugar, milk, and cream for instance. Bone broth is an option for those that want what some people would term actual food.

Medical or Surgical Procedures

The problem that some medical procedures have with water is that it alters certain levels in the body. As a result, getting accurate results can be very difficult or impossible. Some blood tests fall into this category. For example, eating a few hours before a blood sugar level or serum iron test is not advised.

The same also applies to various types of surgery. For the most part, the type of surgery that forbids drinking water a few hours before the procedure usually involves the use of certain types of anesthesia. Just make sure to get proper guidance from your doctor any time you are to undergo a surgery or medical procedure. This is to avoid complications caused by eating or drinking before surgery or any other medical procedure.

By and large, water is very important. This has even led to the rise of products such as Liquid IV, which helps in tackling dehydration. You might want to read Liquid IV reviews for more information.

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